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Beginning March 2021 people will need to register as recipients of the Covid-19 vaccine. Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Khairy Jamaluddin said, the registration is through an appointment management system and the public will be given a date, place and time set based on the details of the information provided.

"This registration process is part of the process of making an appointment to get the Covid-19 vaccine. Most other countries implement the Covid-19 vaccination process based on the appointment method. If people come suddenly without an appointment, they have to wait in long lines,he said."

Below are 5 ways for the public to register for the Covid-19 vaccine from the government:

  • 1. Website vaccine covid-19

  • 2. Hot-Line :1800-888-828

  • 3. Using MySejahtera Application

  • 1. Open MySejahtera apps.
  • You should find the Covid-19 vaccination button on the main screen display.

  • 2.Click on the 'Covid-19 Vaccination' button and check your information.
  • Make sure your personal information such as your name, IC number and phone number is accurate.

  • 3. Once confirmed (Confirm), you can continue to register for vaccination.

  • 4. Answer four questions and provide your additional details for registration.
  • The questions include your interest in getting vaccinated, if you have a history of illness, whether you are registered as a person with a Disability (OKU), your home address.

  • 5. Answer two questions about content.
  • These questions include whether you are pregnant or not and whether you are breastfeeding or vice versa.

  • 6. Current Home Address, Current State, Current Postcode.

  • 7. You need to be ready at any time from now on and wait for a call or update from the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH)
  • Wait for an appointment date and show up at the vaccination center. In total, there are three phases and five priority groups that are suitable for vaccination and a large number of Malaysians will only be vaccinated from May 2021 onwards. The appointment will be notifies through the MySejahtera app, a phone call, or SMS.
  • Vaccination Location

    VAC locations are labelled in green.

  • 605 VACs have been identified by MOH thus far. Temporary vaccination centres like stadiums, convention centres, community halls, universities, etc. will be set up accordingly.

  • Quick Symptom Assessment

  • At the hospital, a quick evaluation will take place involving a temperature check and close-contact screening.

  • Identification Confirmation

  • Then, you will register using the QR code provided for identification purposes.

  • Get Injected

  • Finally, you’ll receive the first dose of the vaccine!

  • Short Observation Period

  • Once you have been jabbed, you will be kept under observation by medical staff for at least 30 minutes. This is to monitor for any immediate adverse reactions.

  • Receive Vaccination Card

  • Facilitators will provide you with a vaccination card to confirm your inoculation, where you can then go home to rest.For the CanSinoBio vaccine, which is the single-dose, the process will end here.

  • Observation For Adverse Events

  • You can return to normal life but be aware of any side effects or Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI). Side effects/AEFI can be reported by either informing the medical facility, through MySejathera, or the NPRA ConSERF site.

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